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Due to the changing COVID-19 situation we have decided to postpone this event.


Since 2017, the Chinese government has detained more than a million people from the far west Xinjiang region, most of them ethnic Uyghur Muslims, in internment camps and prisons. This targeting of ethnic and religious groups on the grounds of anti-terrorism has seen detainees forced to denounce their Islamic faith and swear allegiance to the ruling communist party. Thousands of Uyghurs have also been conscripted to work in factories across China, many making global brand-name products, such as Nike. Australian citizens and permanent residents are among those detained in the camps.

Join the Lowy Institute’s Natasha Kassam for a panel discussion on Xinjiang and its implications for Australia and the world. The panel will feature Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, China reporter for Axios in Washington; Dr James Leibold, Associate Professor at La Trobe University; and Nurgul Sawut, Oceania Board Director of the Campaign for Uyghurs.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian is a China reporter for Axios and was the lead reporter on the China Cables, which investigated the surveillance and mass internment without charge or trial of minorities in Xinjiang.

Dr James Leibold is the head of La Trobe University’s Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy, with a research focus on China’s ethnic minorities, and co-authored a recent ASPI report on forced labour in Xinjiang.

Nurgul Sawut is the Oceania Director for the Campaign for Uyghurs and a campaigner for Uyghur communities in Australia.


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