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The most common thing said about Donald Trump’s worldview is that he does not have one. But is that true? According to Dr Thomas Wright, “Trump’s core beliefs are his touchstone. He has been remarkably consistent on them over several decades. However, these core beliefs are narrow.” On other issues “he will say one thing one day and another the next.”
Dr Thomas Wright, a Fellow at the Brookings Institution and a Nonresident Fellow at the Lowy Institute, is one of the brightest young scholars of US foreign policy in Washington. He has led the debate on Donald Trump’s worldview, based on deep research into Mr Trump’s statements over three decades. Anyone coming to terms with what Donald Trump means for the world should start with Dr Wright’s work.

To hear more from Dr Thomas Wright, and for the chance to ask your own questions, join us at the National Press Club for an in-conversation event hosted by Lowy Institute Senior Fellow Sam Roggeveen.

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