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Power shifts happen slowly outside wartime, but Covid-19 has changed that calculation. The 2020 edition of the Lowy Institute Asia Power Index reveals how the pandemic has altered the existing distribution of power in the region. So how will uneven post-pandemic recoveries play out in the Indo-Pacific over the next decade? After the turbulent US elections on 3 November, will America’s position in Asia change? And what do the long-term outlooks of China, India and the United States reveal about whether the region is becoming more unipolar, bipolar, or multipolar?
To mark the launch of the 2020 Asia Power Index, join us for a panel event with the principal researchers behind the annual Asia Power Index, Hervé Lemahieu and Alyssa Leng, who will be joined by Roland Rajah, the Lowy Institute’s lead economist. They will present the Index’s key findings and early results from a follow-on project looking at the future of global economic power to 2050.
The event will be moderated by Sam Roggeveen, Director of the Lowy Institute’s International Security Program.
Hervé Lemahieu is Director of the Power and Diplomacy Program at the Lowy Institute. Hervé leads the research for the annual Asia Power Index, launched by the Institute in 2018, and authored the methodology to map the region’s changing distribution of power.

Alyssa Leng is a Research Associate in the Power and Diplomacy Program and one of the principal researchers behind the Asia Power Index. Prior to joining the Institute, Alyssa worked on Australia’s economic policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic at the Australian Treasury.

Roland Rajah is Lead Economist and Director of the International Economics Program at the Lowy Institute. Before joining the Lowy Institute, Roland was a Senior Economist and Country Manager at the Asian Development Bank. 


About the 2020 Asia Power Index: The annual Asia Power Index measures resources and influence to rank the relative power of states in the Indo-Pacific region. The Index evaluates 26 states and territories across 128 indicators, divided into eight thematic measures of power: military capability and defence networks, economic capabilities and relationships, diplomatic and cultural influence, as well as resilience and future resources. The 2020 edition, encompassing three years of data, is the most comprehensive assessment of the changing distribution of power in Asia so far. Explore all the results on a specially designed digital platform at power.lowyinstitute.org.

All Lowy Institute public events are on the record and open for media attendance.

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